What Should I Wear?

Answering the meaning of life might be an easier question to answer. Just kidding.

In the case for makeup, a slightly heavier hand should look best as the bright studio lights can wash it out a bit.

Ok, before we can answer this question correctly, we have a question for you. What is the goal? How will this headshot be used? We can all agree there is a big difference between a lawyer needing a suit and tie to showcase professionalism and real estate agent wanting to showcase a more casual and relatable image. So, let’s start there.

Are you looking for something more professional in your headshots?


We would recommend bringing 1 or 2 suit jackets or suits. 2 different color shirt and tie combinations. 

When choosing your wardrobe combinations, we recommend staying away from huge patterns in your tie and shirt. Solid shirts with a small patterned tie look very sharp.

Make your statement with your colors rather than your patterns. A shirt in light blue, lavender or grey works very well with a darker tie. A red or dark blue tie works well with a blue or light grey shirt. Consider purple with the lavender shirt. A white shirt can work as well and almost any color tie looks good with it. One color we really like for for a necktie is orange. It works well with blue, grey or white.

From there, sprinkle in your personality. Shoes, etc. It is always better to bring more.


Dress to impress. We recommend bringing in your business professional attire. Suit, blouse, slacks. Same advice as the men. Bring in 1 or 2 versions. A light and a dark perhaps to ensure variety. 2 different color blouses. Multiple pairs of shoes – did we really need to tell you this? Heels are always better.

Necklace and earrings can be great as an accent or splash of color. If you have a signature necklace that you always wear, by all means, get it in your headshot. 

Are you looking for something more casual and relaxed in your headshot?  We have clients that want to show more of a lifestyle look in their images. This is the perfect way to showcase something different and really stand out. Think business casual vs. lazy Sunday.

Nice jeans. Dress shirt or blouse. Shoes or heels. Add a nice sweater for bonus points.

How long will it take to get my headshot photography back?

We move very fast! Within 24 hours of your session, we will have the images posted to an online gallery for you to make final decisions. Once we get your final selection(s) we will send the images to our professional team of retouchers who will edit your image perfectly. Final images will be ready in less than 5 business days from your final selection.

If you need your images faster, please let us know and we will do our best at no additional charge.

What if I hate having my picture taken?

Look, we all hate it. #truth.

That being said, we will make you feel natural on camera and ensure you love what you are seeing before you leave. We photograph in a way that allows you to see the images on the screen live during the shoot.

Not to mention, we believe in honesty. We will tell you if you are doing anything silly on camera. Trust us.

Finally, Marlene is a master of posing. She will coach you, both men and women, on how to look good on camera. It’s all in the details and we got those covered.

What’s Included?

Headshots are $199 and are fully retouched. Each additional headshot is $149. All headshots are delivered in full digital resolution in both black and white and full color. We will work with you on any corporate guidelines you have.


  • 10-15 Minute In-Studio Headshot
  • Online Gallery
  • Full Retouching on All Purchased Image(s)
  • 5-Day Turn on Headshot(s)
  • Includes ONE Final Digital Image in 4 versions:
    • Fully Edited, Full Resolution // Color and Black & White
    • Fully Edited, Web Resolution // Color and Black & White

 Any additional headshots billed at $149/each. 

Full copyright use of all purchased images included.